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Swire Properties has adopted, advocated and adhered to a philosophy of responsible development and formulated the SD 2030 Strategy where it helps build our SD capability, ensuring that SD considerations are part of all of our operations and business decisions.

Being part of the Company, Citygate Outlets continuously strives to launch various sustainable projects aiming to arouse shoppers’ awareness and to bring this vision to their lives.

Following the resounding success of the "WOOD" You project in partnership with ecopreneur HK Timberbank, Citygate Outlets has joined forces with three esteemed award-winning green building architects, to present our new annual sustainability project, Beyond Glass. Additionally, to support the local arts scene, we have teamed up with local artist Messy Desk to introduce an eco-bag. In alignment with the Swire Properties' Sustainable Development (SD) 2030 Strategy, this project will take an artistic approach to integrating sustainability into our daily lives.
“Shadows of Butterflies” Art Installation

Teaming up with three award-winning green building architects, the magnificent art installation represents Lantau Island in the form of 600 iridescent glass butterflies created from upcycled materials to present a one-of-a-kind art display for the community.

Location: The Atrium on L2
“WOOD” You Learn - 9.6m Long Upcycled Wood Bench Installation

In collaboration with HK Timberbank, the 9.6m long wood bench is designed with the landform of Lantau Island to connect people to nature. Just slow down, seat back and enjoy the serenity.

Location: L2 (Near L2 264&273 BOCHK)
Citygate Outlets x Messy Desk “Escape In Style” Eco-Bag

With the theme of city escape on Lantau Island, Citygate Outlets collaborates with local artist Messy Desk to create an exclusive eco-bag for our shoppers. The eco-bag is made of RPET materials – 100% made from recycled plastic bottles. Now you can go shopping with Messy Desk adorable characters and at the same time live a green life!
CLUB CG members enjoy the privilege to redeem a limited-edition Citygate Outlets X Messy Desk “Escape In Style” eco-bag with just 3,500 points.

Redemption Location: Gift Redemption Station at Customer Care Centre, L2
Go Green with the Green Kitchen Initiative

Restaurants participating in Swire Properties' "Green Kitchen" program incorporate a range of sustainable development elements into their design and operations, in line with Swire Properties' "2030 Sustainable Development Strategy". These initiatives aim to enhance energy and water efficiency, improve kitchen air quality, and promote resource recycling. Let's all embrace a green lifestyle together!

"Green Kitchen" Restaurants